Monday, September 22, 2008

A wonderful Job in Malaysia

I ask:
How are you in Malaysia?

Siti said:
Well... I’m good, my master work very hard for me to stay in a big house with full furnish and full of air-conditioned, enjoying 50” Plasma TV with surround sound master become my driver too (but sometime is a she and sometime is a he) with Mercedes S class, sometime with BMW 5 series and sometime with a very small car...only for two, and some more they call it “smart”. I’m always have chance to go for window shopping.... eat in a big restaurant and have change to go for travelling too! You know.... the best thing is... I no need to pay for anything!!

I said:
Wow... you are so good in life... what kind of job you are doing?

Siti said:


Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Moon Cake Festival

A beautiful moon cake always created by a good and beautiful mold.
A wonderful life always start from a positive mind & soul.

Happy Moon Cake Festival to all Malaysian & global nation.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Light of Love

多多爱亲人, 多多爱朋友, 多多爱环境,多多爱社会, 多多爱工作, 但, 最重要的还是要多多爱自己,才有能力去爱他人。

Photography by Yew
Title: City of Love

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


It was only in 1888 that Father Sorin built the first church after staying here for 12 years. Fr. F.P. Sorin died on 26th July (St. Anne's Feast Day), 1907, in Teluk Wang But he was buried at the entrance of St. Anne's old church at Bukit Mertajam.

Through the years, this event attracted the attention of people far and wide. Thus, a tradition that survives even to this day was born.

This led to the Feast Day of St. Anne becoming the occasion for a major annual pilgrimage in which thousands take part from all over the region and even from as far away as Australia.

Although I'm not a Catholic church member but will go to make a wish if I have the chance.

26 of July this year... do you have a wish?

Photography by Yew
Title: Wishful

Monday, July 21, 2008

A day in Pangkor

Pangkor as one island but in fact there are nine islands in the direct surrounding. Pangkor and Pangkor Laut are the two biggest and the only two inhabited by humans.

On the islands there's a variety of Wildlife while the smaller atoll are basically white sand beaches and rocks. According to some legends there were even tigers living on this small Malaysian island, but I don't have the chance to see it yet!

What I know is... this is a beautiful island and we have to take good care of it. I hope in future I still can see its crystal blue water and bright stars.

Digital image by Yew
Title: Peace in Pangkor

My Parent

我的父母就像莲花,在那朴素及辛苦的年代, 把我们四姐弟给带大成人。希望爸妈能永远拥有这莲花般那样美丽灿烂的笑容。

Digital Painting by Yew
Title: My Parent

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunset in Melaka

A seashore that has been step by Portuguese, Dutch & British.... and today by us.

But I hope the sky will not going to change... and always beautiful and peace each time I'm visit.

Photography by Yew
Title: Peaceful under the sun